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General Information

The Friends of the Brazoria Wildlife Refuges is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Brazoria, San Bernard and Big Boggy National Wildlife Refuges. We raise funding through donations, grants, and gifts to help fund wildlife refuge projects, educational programs, and other activities. Members of our group are dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly at our area refuges and with our community.

Our goals for Migration Celebration are:

  • educate the public on wildlife and habitat conservation;
  • bring awareness to the community of the local wildlife refuges; and
  • involve local organizations and business in bringing environmental education programs to schools.

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2018 Planning Committee

The Migration Celebration Planning Committee meets regularly in the weeks before Migration Celebration to plan and publicize all events, raise funds, set budgets, and recruit volunteers.

Ed Barrios (Chairperson)
Oron Atkins
Ron Bisbee
Marty Cornell
Mickey Dufilho
Judy Green
Phil Huxford
Donna Jablecki
Ed Johnson
Curtis Jones
Herb Myers
Jo Myers
Lisa Myers
David Plunkett
Krissy Plunkett
Kim Richardson
Jennifer Sanchez
Richard Schaffhausen
Tom Schneider
Ravi Singhania

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Contact Us


You may email us at information@migrationcelebration.org.


You may contact us by telephone at 844-84-BIRDS. Please leave your name and telephone number and we will contact you.


You may contact us by mail at the following address:

Migration Celebration
Friends of Brazoria Wildlife Refuges
P.O. Box 505
Lake Jackson, Texas 77566-0505

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Media Relations

Media Contact

Lisa Myers

770-596-8196 (Cell)


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2018 Flier full page 8.5x11 (PDF)

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Photo Archives from Prior Years

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Migration Celebration is a Texas Mid-Coast National Wildlife Refuge Complex event underwritten by Friends of Brazoria Wildlife Refuges.

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