Maps and Directions
San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge
Headquarters Campus and Information Booth

Most Migration Celebration activities are centered at the Headquarters Campus, near the Main Entrance to the Refuge.   Facilities at this location include Vehicle Parking, Information Booth, Exhibits, Food Service, Events, Van Departure Point, Restrooms, and First Aid Station.

Printed schedules and maps are available at the Information Booth at no charge.

See the map below for location of the Headquarters Campus.   Scroll down for other maps and documents.


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  • Road Map (Google)
  • Satellite Photo (Google)
  • Trail map (USFWS) [PDF]
  • USFWS website
    GPS Coordinates shown in this table are derived from Google maps.
    DD°MM'SS" 28°54'48"N 95°34'42"W
    DD.DDDDD 28.913292 -95.578308

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