Exhibitors are located in or near the Exhibition Building.


Brazoria County Master Gardeners Association
Master Gardeners are local volunteers in your community who work with the AgriLife Extension to increase the availability of horticultural information and improve your communities quality of life through various horticultural projects.   The members of the Brazoria County Master Gardeners Association are volunteers who work with the AgriLIFE Extension to improve gardening skills throughout the community.   We share our gardening knowledge through community service and outreach, gardener training and educational programs.

Brazoria County Parks Department
Brazoria County has a diverse landscape and it is reflected in its parks system.   Offering a variety of local settings from beachfront, rivers, bayous and bays to bottomland and hardwood forests, there is something for everyone to enjoy.   Inclusive to our park system are nine parks, 23 miles of sandy beaches, 21 boat ramps, two RV campgrounds, historical homes, interpretive center, day-use facilities, playgrounds, a swimming pool, horseshoes, volleyball, picnic areas and restrooms.   We also offer meeting rooms, cabin, dormitory, pavilion and chapel rentals.

Dow Texas Operations Wildlife Support Team
TOWST is a group of Dow Chemical employees and retirees which supports wildlife projects for The Dow Chemical Company, Texas Operations, Freeport Site. The members also bring important projects to the attention of Texas Operations management for financial and other assistance. The TOWST display features pictures from the recently donated Dow Woods Unit of the San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge and pictures of wildlife and habitat around the Freeport Site.

Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary
Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary is one of 14 federally designated underwater areas protected by NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries.   It is the only sanctuary site located in the Gulf of Mexico.   Situated 70 to 115 miles off the coasts of Texas and Louisiana, the Flower Garden Banks sanctuary includes underwater communities that rise from the depths of the Gulf of Mexico atop underwater mountains called salt domes.

Friends of Brazoria Wildlife Refuges
The Friends of Brazoria Wildlife Refuges is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Brazoria, San Bernard and Big Boggy National Wildlife Refuges.   We raise funding through donations, grants, and gifts to help fund wildlife refuge projects, educational programs, and other activities.   Members of our group are dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly at our area refuges and with our community.

Migration Celebration Nature Store
Friends' Nature Store will be open for Migration Celebration visitors on Friday evening at RiverPlace in Freeport and on Saturday and Sunday in the Exhibits Building at the San Bernard NWR headquarters area. Items offered for sale include Migration Celebration and Refuge-related hats, T-shirts and other items.

Friends of the River San Bernard
FORSB is a non-profit organization set up by citizens who live on or around the river. FORSB's main concern is to keep the river clean and its mouth open. F.O.R.'s mission is to restore, protect, promote and ensure a clean, healthy, flowing San Bernard River for the sanity and enjoyment of present and future generations.

Gulf Coast Bird Observatory
GCBO is an independent non-profit organization. We have designed and conducted a significant number of large conservation projects, including migration studies, habitat enhancement, land acquisition, regional habitat mapping, and others.

Migration Celebration Bake Sale
The Migration Celebration Bake Sale is sponsored by Friends of Brazoria Wildlife Refuges. All products sold at the Bake Sale were produced by volunteers. All revenue received from the Bake Sale are used to support environmental education programs at the National Wildlife Refuges.

Migration Celebration Photo Contest
The Migration Celebration Nature Photography Contest showcases and recognizes outstanding nature photography taken by area photographers.   Photos are on display at the Migration Celebration, April 16 to 17, with winners announced at the kickoff dinner April 8.

Natural Resources Conservation Service
Since 1935, the Natural Resources Conservation Service (originally called the Soil Conservation Service) has provided leadership in a partnership effort to help America's private land owners and managers conserve their soil, water, and other natural resources.   The Brazoria County office is located at 711 North Velasco, in Angleton.

Refuge Junior Naturalist
The RJN program is a special opportunity for a selected number of children grades 5-6 to work with wildlife biologists and other refuge professionals on projects at Brazoria and San Bernard National Wildlife Refuges.   Participants learn basic naturalist skills such as nature photography, GPS, field sketching, and plant and animal identification and then apply these skills to real projects.

Sea Center Texas
SCT houses graphic displays, aquaria and educational displays of the marine life of Texas bays and Gulf Waters. Here, visitors learn about stewardship of the environment and its occupants. A collection of fiberglass replicas of state record saltwater fishes including a blue marlin, shark, dolphin, and tarpon hover overhead in the lobby.

Sweeny & West Brazos EMS
Sweeny/West Brazos EMS has five ambulances, 18 full-time medics, and six part time medics, including Texas certified paramedics, EMT-Intermediates and EMT-Basics.   Sweeny Community Hospital has the only ambulances in Brazoria County certified as Mobile Intensive Care Units – the highest level designated by the Texas Department of Health for EMS organizations.

Texas Master Naturalist Program - Cradle of Texas Chapter
The Texas Master Naturalist program provides training and volunteer opportunities. The Cradle of Texas Chapter, based in Brazoria County, is made up of people from diverse backgrounds with different experience and expertise pulling together to positively affect the natural environment. This organization provides many volunteers for Migration Celebration volunteers.

Texas Mid-Coast National Refuges Complex Refuge Turtle Patrol
San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge is responsible each spring and summer for patrolling the beaches from the Quintana/Bryan Beach area west to the Matagorda Peninsula area looking for Kemp's Ridley turtle nests. Both staff and volunteers perform this task. This display will feature information on and equipment used for turtle patrol.